Multiple Feelings

Greg blacked out at his computer while looking for porn. When he awoke, he was laying down, staring at two huge globes covered in a fishnet blue top. He could see his legs were in blue thigh highs as well! He attempted to grab at his right boob to feel it, when he seen his new nails, as long as claws! He was feeling weird below too, and his other hand reached for his groin, only to find rings dangling from pussy lips, as his finger nails poke and prodded the outside and in. Greg felt long hair weigh down on his face, framing it, and that face felt caked, probably with makeup he thought realizing he was definitely some kind of ultra feminine woman. The sensations he got, dangling his nails over his tits, and the nails in his pussy was overwhelming. So many feelings at once. It all was summed up as feeling incredible! Greg was victim of the Great Shift, but he didn’t consider himself one with this smoking hot body!


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