Molly’s Extremely Surprising Mornings

“There, a little tease for later.”
The text attached to the image said. My girlfriend, Destiny, had sent me a teasing pic of her in a short pair of shorts, and a white top that showed off her deep cleavage.
“Can’t wait. ;)” I sent back. I set my phone down, still thinking about her body.
It had been nineteen years since my sister had unbirthed me. Nineteen years since I had been born for the third time, and nineteen years since I had ruined Andi’s plans by being born a boy. I knew over those years she had looked frantically through the pages of her spell book. Some way to get some more tit-flesh out of me. But it wasn’t happening. She had settled for T-cup tits for nineteen years.
It wasn’t exactly all fun and games for me either. Now I had no breasts whatsoever, and no way to get them back. My vagina had been replaced with a penis, and that had been a hard thing to get used to at first. Now I looked down at it, erect in my loose pants at the thought of my old body. That had taken some used to as well, especially since Andi still loved to walk around the house completely naked.
My former sister still didn’t know about Dee, and I was hoping to keep it that way. I knew once she saw my girlfriend’s breasts that Dee would be flat as a board within minutes, and, well, I had found myself to be a boob man.
Thankfully, when she finally arrived later that night, Andi was in her room doing goodness knows what. I crept downstairs to let Dee in, and let her just as slowly back upstairs.
“We have to be really quiet,” I whispered to her. “My mother’s just down the hall.” Dee just nodded and slowly removed her top, letting her braless breasts hang free. My “little friend” had gotten stiff again, and she had noticed. She knelt down, and started unbuttoning my shorts, pulling them and my boxers down to expose my member. She wrapped her large tits around it, and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan of pleasure. She smiled up at me as she rubbed her tits up and down. Slowly she released me, and stood up, shimmying out of her shorts and panties. She crawled up onto me, and slowly started grinding against me. In and out. In and out. She wrapped her legs around me, and we flopped down onto my bed, myself on the bottom. She continued her motion, moving more quickly now. I could feel the pressure building in my cock, but having previously been on the other side I knew I had to wait. Finally I heard her moans of pleasure as she orgasmed, and I knew I could release. Her tits continued to swing above me as I did so, and she smiled down at me. “That was fun,” she said, sliding off of me and onto the bed beside me. She curled up next to me, her breasts pushed warmly up against my bare torso, and we both slowly drifted off to sleep…


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