Juanita the Maid

Harold a very rich man, wondered where his maid Juanita was. He was in for a shock when he wished at the wishing well he knew where she was. Suddenly he was staring at the pool boy’s cock with his right hand around it, only it wasn’t his right hand, it was a woman’s hand. As he briefly looked down at himself, then back up at the cock before him, he realized he was in Juanita’s body, thinking somehow the well granted his wish in a very strange way. He knew where she was, because he was where she was, in her body! His mouth opened in shock to protest, but the pool boy Harvey thought it was an opportunity to put his cock in! Harold’s new eyes lit up as his new mouth was filled with the pool boy’s man meat! His new body was turned on by it, but at the same time he was in stunned amazement and horror, having a man’s cock in his mouth for the first time!


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