I heard the sound of her heels echoing down the hallway. She was home earlier than I had expected. Isabelle was going to be in for quite a surprise when she reached her bed room door. I had her husband in complete submission as I pumped his rock hard dick with my mouth. I felt my stolen pussy ache as I got wet at the thought of him fucking me while she watched. Isabelle should immediately recognize the mouth on her husband’s dick because it was actually her mouth. I was an exact duplicate of her and I was servicing her husband well enough that he had not noticed a difference. I moaned with a copy of her voice as I picked up the pace. I had wanted Isabelle’s husband since they moved here, but he was uninterested in letting the little teenage boy next door pleasure him. I jumped at the chance to become a copy of his wife Isabelle. Her body was much more suited for my needs and if Isabelle was what Mike’s body wanted than I wanted to be Isabelle. I heard her reach the door “Hi, Honey I’m hom……” Isabelle stopped in a moment of horror as she watched herself pleasure her husband. “Who the hell is that? Oh my God she looks just like me!” Isabelle shouted.


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