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Helping My Friend Test His Remote

I can’t believe I am putting on a display like this in front of my friend, let alone that a remote could be responsible for it all. About a minute ago my friend James just used the remote to command me to get on my knees and bounce ‘dem titties’ up and down. I tried to resist but I didn’t hold out very long. As it turns out the remote doesn’t force you to do anything it, it is more of a suggestion… A STRONG suggestion that caused discomfort of not following a command and increasing sexual satisfaction through following a command. For me, my breasts started to feel really sensitive. I became increasingly aware of the draft on the underside of my breasts that was caused by my really small and smooth shirt. My nipples started to get really hard and I noticed as the fabric of the shirt passed over them I felt a growing warmth in my crotch. I wanted more, and hoping he wouldn’t notice me following his order I gave a really small bounce. I felt my very perky and heavy breasts jostle about and my body immediately reacted to the feeling and I started to become increasingly aroused as I could begin to feel a dampness build between my legs, before I knew It was hopping up and down off the heals of my feet. The feeling of my body jiggling and the weight of my breasts bouncing up and down is almost starting to become enough to start driving me over the edge. “Okay… you can stop now, I think we can call that a success”, my friend James said with a lump in his throat and remote in hand. “Ugh! But I don’t want to sto…” I moaned throwing my arms out in protest before the urge to bounce up and down quickly faded away. “Wow… that was weird, the remote has an… interesting way of getting me to follow commands” I said meekly noticing the wetness between my legs. Read more

My Girlfriend is a Kinky Witch!

“We need to talk, be at your place in 30”, that was the last message I received from my girlfriend of 3 years about half an hour ago. I was nervous, I loved her deeply and was hoping we would get married someday but here I am with sweaty palms worried about a potential breakup. I know she had been saying that she wants to get kinkier in the sack but I didn’t think it had come to “we need to talk”. Suddenly, I hear knocking at the door, it must be her, time to face any potential music and I go to open the door. Read more