Happiest woman in the world

Mark Smiths girlfriend Tabatha used a body swap spell because she overheard him telling Miss Lotoyra Jonson ,their art teacher, how beautiful she was. It infuriated Tabatha to no end so she took Miss Jonsons’ body and confronted Mark. There was a heated discussion and then one thing led to another and we see where they are at now. Mark said to Tabatha ” Oh my god Tab, you are the perfect woman now. Beauty and brains. I Love you and want you to be my wife.” To which Tabatha replied,” I love you too Mark, but I think you are asking me to keep Miss Jonsons’ body. Is that what you are saying?” “Yes, that is what I am saying.” is all Mark said. ” Okay Mark all you have to do is cum in me and the spell will be permanent. I will be Latorya Jonson forever.” Tabatha replied. ” No you wont Tab, soon you will be Latorya Smith, the most important woman in my life and my wife.” he said as he gave one final push and unloading his seed deep within her womb sealing the new and permanent Latorya into her new body forever, and they both couldn’t be happier.


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