Hallway Encounter

My wife Doris is nothing if not devious. I should have known if she ever used her sorcery on me, there would be a twist.

The twist is the situation I was in when I woke up. It was a unfamiliar apartment with no computer or phone, and nothing to tell me who I was, except a note, “Good morning, Rachel.” There was no food in the apartment so I would eventually have to go out. The only clothing in the whole apartment was one of my businessman dress shirts that I used to wear to the office. Luckily on my new 5’4″ body, it came down to mid-thigh.

And of course she made me an attractive long haired brunette. Ironically I had become exactly the type of woman that I used to fantasize making love to.

I waited until the noise settled down in the hallway with everyone leaving for work. I went out there to see what I could find out. I was looking around when I heard a bemused voice behind me say, “You sure look good in your husband’s shirt, babe…” It was a rugged, pretty handsome guy who was very tall, about 6’5″.

At that point I was confused and hadn’t figured out what to do. I hadn’t even heard the sound of my own voice. So of course I said exactly the wrong thing, which was “I don’t have a husband” and it came out like I was about to cry, which I wasn’t.

So he came over and I didn’t know what to do so I kind of rested my head on the shoulder. He reached down and put one of his very big hands on my bottom, under my shirt!

So basically he steered me into my apartment, saying “I have something that will help you right away.” I had been a woman for an hour and I already was wondering whether it was true what they always said about the cocks of very tall men with big hands.

He put me down on a chair with my legs up and then he took his clothes off and I could see it was true what they said and omigod he put it inside me and I thought omigod omigod it is true, it’s true as he gave me my first actual fucking. I seem to have taken to it very well. He says we will be doing it again after he has his coffee. He said I might like it bending over the couch.


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