Fun time drugs.

Patrick walked into the kitchen practically naked apart from a pair of knickers and screamed at his friends what the fuck happened.

Why am I still a fucking woman I thought those pills were supposed to wear off after 12 hours.

His friends Mark and Sam sitting on the counter slightly hungover stared wide-eyed at their friends bare breasts and looked blankly at him before saying maybe it was all that semen you swallowed last night affects the change back time.

Patrick just stared back wide-eyed and frightened and asked his friends what did he do last night?

They told him after he took the pink pill that morphed his body into the female one standing in front of them he got completely wasted and despite their best efforts to resist his advantages which was a blatant lie as they drop their trousers the minute their friend suggested giving everybody a blowjob which he did before passing out from exhaustion and alcohol and now he had no idea how long it was going to take him to transform back as he ran off to the bathroom to throw up.

Not knowing his friends had given him an overdose of the pink pill after he got drunk which now permanently changed his body.


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