From predator to prey

“Oh crap, how the hell did I get myself into this mess?” Malcolm thought to himself as he was being fucked by his own cock.
It all started earlier that night; he was at the bar as usual seeking new girls to fuck when he saw this young beauty, she seemed like easy prey so he charmed her and just a few hours later they were both naked fucking.
But then in the middle of sex this girl, whatever her name was (Malcolm didn’t really care) somehow swapped bodies with him.
Now he’s bent over like a bitch, being fucked; no wonder this girl was so easy to seduce, she didn’t just want sex, she wanted Malcolm’s body.
Little did Malcolm know that this girl was a body hopper and he was her latest victim, although Malcolm didn’t have time to think about that as he was brought to his first mind shattering orgasm.


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