I always had a thing for famous movie stars. One day I was at LA. And I saw Anne running away from a paparazzi. She crashed with me. I couldn’t believe it, there she was in front of me. I wanted to kiss her but couldn’t, I was to nervous. She looked at me and said “help me”, I helped her get up, handed her my cap and jacket, and hugged her. The paparazzi passed right by our side and didn’t see us. She thanked me. And said, you know what, “If you want, as a thank you gift, I’ll cook you dinner”. I agreed without hesitation.

We went to her place, the paparazzi was outside the building, I distracted him, while Anne slipped by us. After she was on the clear I followed her. I took the elevator, “appartment 3-B”,this must be it. I knocked on the door. She grabbed me, and closed the door. I must thank you, “I know you like this girl, Anne, I mean me”, she said. I was confused. “let me explain”, she said, “I am a body swapper, I can swap bodies with whomever I like; however, the person I swap with, goes to the body I was inhabiting. That person will remember who he/she was for 24 hours, after that, they will think they have always been the person’s body they inhabit. The paparazzi you saved me from, was the real Anne”. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was in a hidden camera tv show or something. “Look, she said, look outside the window, in about 20 seconds the paparazzi will forget she was once Anne.” — I looked out the window, and 20 seconds later the paparazzi looked confused, and just walked away.

I still didn’t believe her. So she grabbed my hand, “If you want I will give you this body, and i’ll keep yours”. I decided to go on with it. What’s the worst that could happen. “Just one thing, when you are Anne, I will ask you one more favor, have sex with me, I haven’t had sex in ages”. I instantly said “hell no! I am not gay”. She said “In a way, you would be having sex with yourself, it would be like masturbating”. I Sounded like a good plan, but no, I couldn’t. “Look, if you don’t like it, after we have sex, i’ll turn you back” she said. “Fine” I relunctantly agreed. She grabed my hand again, we started glowing, and 5 seconds later I was in Anne’s body. I looked down, I could see her body as muy own. I took a big breath, turned aroud, took of my shirt and said “come here big boy”.

We had sex all night and day, it must have been a full day. It felt great the best sex ever, when it was over, I said goodbye to the stranger that saved me from the paparazzi, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and said “thanks big boy, you got my number, call me whenever you’re in LA”


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