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Genie Series #56. @TGfanben

Ashley had just finished applying makeup to herself with such ease, that no one would believe just a few days ago she wasn’t a woman. Today she will be filming her first movie. And after her debut as a porn actress, she will surely be successfull and well known all over the country. Read more

Intention of my Wish

When I told a genie that I wanted to be a famous celebrity, my wish was granted. However, becoming Lindsay Lohan, a woman, wasn’t my intention.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the celebrity lifestyle I now live. However, the female lifestyle I can live without. Heels are uncomfortable. It’s hard to sit in a dress without flashing people, even going to the bathroom is that bit more difficult. And don’t even get me started on hair and make up.
I love being a celebrity and I may love women but I don’t love being them.


I always had a thing for famous movie stars. One day I was at LA. And I saw Anne running away from a paparazzi. She crashed with me. I couldn’t believe it, there she was in front of me. I wanted to kiss her but couldn’t, I was to nervous. She looked at me and said “help me”, I helped her get up, handed her my cap and jacket, and hugged her. The paparazzi passed right by our side and didn’t see us. She thanked me. And said, you know what, “If you want, as a thank you gift, I’ll cook you dinner”. I agreed without hesitation. Read more