Family sensations. Part 1

I had always had a crush on my sister, I always wanted to grope her massive juicy tits and finger her shaven, clean pussy. I would always listen in on her when she masturbated, imagining i was her, moving when i heard her move. Moaning when i heard her moan. One night, i heard her vibrator come on, and looked through my hole in my wall.

There she was on her bed her vibrator massaging her perfect beautiful pussy. Her massive, juicy tits bouncing up and down. I could feel myself getting hard.

I whipped out my throbbing cock, which seemed smaller than normal. I threw that thought aside and closed my eyes and imagined i was her. My massive tits bouncing up and down, my hand pinching my nipples, they were as hard as diamonds.

The sensations were incredible, they felt real.

Suddenly, i felt a lock of soft, long, black hair fall on my face. I could feel beads of sweat dripping down my back into my ass-crack. Only increasing the sensations. “Mmmmph” I let out a small girly moan. I reached my hand up to pinch my nipples. I massaged the juicy breast in my hand, the nipple as hard as a diamond. I pinched it, i could feel my massive juicy hips buck with pleasure. It felt so real. The rubber vibrating at the entrance of my pussy felt incredible.

“Oooohhhhh yess” I whispered, throwing my head back. I could feel something building up inside me, increasing the pleasure even more.

I felt around the vibrator for the button, hoping to make the vibrations at the entrance of my vagina even stronger.

“Oooooh my god yes…. fuck” I moaned under my breath, the pressure inside me getting stronger

I put the vibrator on its highest setting, and the pressure bursted.

“OOOOOHHHH YESSSSSS” I shouted, as i came, my vision going white.

I let the vibrator continue to vibrate at the entrance to my vagina, massaging my breasts as i rode the amazing orgasm into a deep sleep.

“Girls have it so easy” i thought as i blacked out from the pleasure


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