Extra Conditions Part 2

It had been seven months since my girlfriend had turned me into a woman and left me, and I had definitely filled that first night with fun. Now I was going to be a single mother of twins in just two months time.
I just so happened to be taking one of my walks (though some may prefer to call them “waddles”) on the local trail, when I saw my former girlfriend coming down the other way!
“Hey, hey Zoe!” I shouted at her, or him.
“T-Terry?” she said, her eyes widening at the sight of me. “You’re-you’re huge!!”
I just frowned and poked my giant belly. “Yeah… It turns out I’m pretty fertile!” I said, trying to laugh.
“I’ll say! Although,” she chuckled slightly. “Your tits seems to have gotten even smaller.”
“Oh no!” I said, pulling my shirt down over my shoulders and showing her my milk-laden breasts, bulging out of my bra on all sides. “It’s just like you said: pregnancy made them even bigger. I just don’t like people to see how giant they are when I’m out in public…”
She got close to me, and grabbed one of my sore tits, saying, “Well then maybe we should go somewhere…less public.”


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