Experiment gone… right? Part 2

Steven continued to admire his body and without thinking rubbed his new vagina with two fingers and felt a shock wave of pleasure. “WOW!!! Haha that felt incredible!” Steven laid on his body and started to finger himself. “Oh yes oh yes mhm…” This one of the best feelings Steven had in his entire life. “This is amazing I have to tell someone about this.” Steven texts his friend Ashley to come by. 20 minutes go by and Ashley is knocking on the door and Steven answers it. “Oh yes hi is Steven here?”,asked Ashley. “Your looking at her haha it’s me Steven!” “Very funny girl where is Steven?” “IM him i’ll prove it.” Steven shows Ashley a tattoo on her leg only Steven would have. “Holy shit Steven it is you!!! How?” :I was working on an experiment for a new drug and I tested it out and it turned me into this!”,said Steven grabbing his boobs. :Wow you look great Steven!” “Thanks Ashley and I love being like this! And I know you do.” Steven knowing that Ashley is a lesbian. “Yeah haha but its still you Steven.” Steven walked closer to Ashley and started rubbing her. “Oh Steven that feels good.” Giving in Ashley holds Steven and they start kissing. Each tongue meeting and wrapping around each other. They both fall on the bed kissing and groping each others breasts. The Ashley moved her head and started sucking on Stevens nipples. “Agh yes Ashley im a girl please do it aghh!” Ashley moves downstairs and starts licking her pussy. Steven is now overwhelmed with pleasure. “Yes please fuck me give me your dick.” Ashley stops. “What did you say Steven?” Steven sits up quickly .”OH I’m sorry about that Ashley.” “Hmm so your a straight girl huh? That is interesting.” Ashley sits up and fixes her hair. “I think you need a night on the town and get a guy lol.” A guy but I’m a guy Ashley.” “First your not and two you were just begging for a cock Steven.” “Oh I guess your right hmm.. OK I guess it would be fun to go out like this.. Are you coming Ashley?” “Nah I gotta take care of my nephew but have Steven.” Ashley leaves and Steven thinking on where to go and waht to wear. To be continued…


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