Dropped It – The Shrinkening

“I bet you think this is hilarious,” I said to my “wife”, my hand resting on my enormous belly that held our twins. It was a lot easier to see it now: not only had I grown huge over the past month, but as The Shrinkening stole my breasts my view was a lot less obstructed.
“Not really,” he said. “I loved my-your pregnant tits! Those things were massive! Heck, you had to get custom maternity bras made for them. Custom MATERNITY bras! You know, the ones that are designed to hold huge bloated breasts?”
“Yeah, I know. I’ve had to lug them around for the past two-and-a-half months,” I said glaring at him. He was right though: my wife’s former breasts had grown gigantic thanks to the pregnancy. I guess if was from producing milk for two, but I still wouldn’t have guess they’d go from DD-cups all the way up to Ls! (Hence the custom maternity bras, and they weren’t cheap.)
“I kinda liked them too, and I know if I was still in my body I would have been all over your tits being so huge,” I sighed. “But now I barely had B-cups, and they’re getting smaller by the hour. What am I going to feed our babies?”


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