Don’t Sign

“Good-day Isabella Juarez, will you please sign for this package.”

“Isabella!” Mike was confused. He had gone to a party last night, got drunk, and woke up in a strange woman’s body. “I can’t sign for that. I’m not her.”

“Pardon me ma’am. I’ve delivered to you before.”

“It’s complicated.”

“Complicated huh. Look lady I’ve got five more deliveries to make so if you don’t want all these diamonds…”


“Yes. All paid for and property of Isabella Juarez.”

Mike signed.

Later the Fed Ex guy came. Mike signed for some furs.

Next the puralator guy came. Mike signed for a big screen TV and sound system.

When a final knock came, she answered the door and introduced herself as Isabella Juarez.

“Police ma’am. We’ve heard reports of identity theft.


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