Cowgirls and Indians

Well Cowboy, what do you think?

I think this is amazing. I’ve never felt so relaxed and refreshed. You mean this magic spring has been here all this time?

Oh yes Cowboy, it’s our greatest treasure.

Wow! I always wondered why your people fought so hard to keep this god forsaken piece of desert. But if it’s such a tribal treasure, why did you show it to me?

Oh we don’t mind sharing it with others and letting them experience the transformative properties of its magic waters.

Uh, when we get out, we will change back won’t we?

We will Cowboy. Unfortunately for you cowboy, how to change back is a tribal secret. I’m afraid your stuck.


We’ve used our magic spring to get rid of enemies and nosey strangers for centuries, Cowboy. In the past, those we didn’t keep for our own amusement we sold to neighboring tribes. Now? Well, where do you think all the hostesses and escorts we use in our casinos come from?


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