“So if I suck your cock in her body, you’ll switch me back and I get a spot on varsity?” I said looking up at my coach from the body of Sara, a 18 year old girl in his 3rd period PE class.
“That’s what I’m saying Tom, all you gotta do is work her little mouth around my cock and you have your spot.”
I looked at him with disgust, but since I wanted that spot I would do whatever. He grabbed me from my ponytail and yanked me towards his dick which I welcomed into my new mouth. The sensation was strange, here I was with another mans cock in my mouth, sucking it for a spot on the soccer team.
The only thing was, I am not a man now, I’m a girl. An achingly horny, sexy, teenage girl with a huge sex drive. All I wanted was to suck coaches dick. I don’t know what went over me but now that I had that yummy hot dick in my mouth nothing else mattered.
I finished sucking him off, getting a tasty reward of cum, and he offered to change me back then and there.
I told him I wanted to be Sara a little bit longer, and he said that was alright. Turns out, a couple of the guys saw me and coach go into the office together. One of them reported coach of raping me. They came and arrested him later that day. That ruined my chances of changing back.
So now my name is Sara, I’m a cheerleader now and couldn’t be happier. I don’t need Soccer anymore. I prefer my cute skirts and Pom poms, I just wish coach hadn’t gone to prison. He had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.


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