Check me out

Hey Cameron, check me out!

Who are you?

It’s me Scott, but you can call me Amy. I finally got the bodysuit I always wanted and I look amazing. I couldn’t afford the recommended explants so I improvised. Look how big my bust is. They don’t jiggle as much as I’d like, but they look fantastic and I love being this busty. Amy, I thought those high end femskin suits required a special molecular bond to work properly. What did you use instead?

A girl doesn’t have to reveal her secrets. Let’s just say I voided the manufacturer warranty and things may have gotten fused. So I’m flaunting this bodysuit as long as I can. Everything’s wired up for full functionality so it’d be such a shame to destroy this bodysuit to get the old boy me out. Now who’s ready to take me out for a test drive?


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