Before the great shift Carl (26) was invisible, no one seemed to pay him any attention, and no one seemed to remember he existed, he was fat, jobless and not particularly attractive.
The great shift was when his life really turned around, he had shifted into the body of his 16 year old neighbour, Carlie. Carlie was much smaller than him, much thinner, much hotter and best of all, popular. He’d always notice how Carlie had a new guy around almost every day, and today was no exception, because as soon as he swapped he found him self on top of Carlies latest conquest, who didn’t appear to be shifter, or to have noticed the change in carlies attitude, Carl looked back and watched as his new ass bounced rhythmically on top of him, and he loved it.
Carlie on the other hand was in Carls body, and let’s just say she didn’t take to it too well.


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