(Ex) Girlfriends mistake

My Girlfriend was going on holiday with her friends, but for some reason she didn’t trust me to fuck over girls while she was away, unfortunately for me she was a witch, so before she left she had turned me into a girl.
For a while I was upset but after a couple of days I started to feel horny, at first I thought that I couldn’t do anything, then it hit me, I can’t have sex as a man, but I can have sex WITH a man. So later that night I left to go to the bar, there were several guys that seemed interested, but only one that did anything about it. We ended up at his place and before I knew it I was riding his rock hard cock in ecstasy.
The guy must have thought this was the luckiest day of his life, and was sure to brag to his friends about it, but I didn’t care, this as 10x better than sex as a guy, I wonder what my girlfriend, or perhaps now Ex girlfriend, will say when I tell her I’m breaking u p with her and staying like this, I wonder if I can get this guys number…


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