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(Ex) Girlfriends mistake

My Girlfriend was going on holiday with her friends, but for some reason she didn’t trust me to fuck over girls while she was away, unfortunately for me she was a witch, so before she left she had turned me into a girl.
For a while I was upset but after a couple of days I started to feel horny, at first I thought that I couldn’t do anything, then it hit me, I can’t have sex as a man, but I can have sex WITH a man. So later that night I left to go to the bar, there were several guys that seemed interested, but only one that did anything about it. We ended up at his place and before I knew it I was riding his rock hard cock in ecstasy.
The guy must have thought this was the luckiest day of his life, and was sure to brag to his friends about it, but I didn’t care, this as 10x better than sex as a guy, I wonder what my girlfriend, or perhaps now Ex girlfriend, will say when I tell her I’m breaking u p with her and staying like this, I wonder if I can get this guys number…

EX Girlfriends Mistake part 4

This was the most amazing week of my life. I must have fucked this guy 100 times by now and I didn’t care, even my ex joined in at one point. I’m sure this guy brags about it to his friends, I know I would, I wonder if he could invite some of them round? By now my Girlfriend has gotten over it, she accepts it was her fault, and anyway, she has a new best friend. God I love this.
I looked up at my man as he emptied his load onto my stomach, “Don’t think you’re finished yet big boy” I said,looking into his eyes biting my lip, “I’m still horny as fuck,” I looked into his eyes as he hardened for what has to have been the 101st round, man this was amazing…


I was cleaning out my parents attic when I found an Old Lamp. Thinking it could be worth something I dusted it. Suddenly a Man appeared out of no where.
It turns out he was a Genie, and offered me one wish, but to be careful.
Without thinking my mind jumped to my Crush, Stacey, and I blurted out, “I wish i could be inside her and have the greatest sex of my life”. I blacked out.
Minutes later I woke up in her body. After a few minutes of Shock I decided to explore it. One thing led to another and I ended up masturbating . I was so caught up in it, I didn’t notice her boyfriend come in.
Let’s just say once I did, I really did have the greatest sex of my life.

Getting into it

One day I rescued a woman from being ran over. In return she gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse, being female for a day. I immediately accepted. I knew I hadn’t long, so I rushed to my friends house. He was surprised to see a hot girl turn up on his doorstep to say the least, but played along when I asked to be let in. When he asked my name I decided to make one up, he couldn’t know it was me. Anyway one thing led to another and we ended up in his room. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. That was when he handed me his phone and told me to take a picture next to it, I was so in awe that I obliged.
I can’t wait to do the rest.

3 wishes

A genie gave me 3 wishes. So I called my friend around and promised him one wish. He wished to be attractive and suddenly he transformed in to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, he, or she was pretty shocked. I looked at her, and thought about turning him back with 1 of my wishes, then I got an idea.
For my first wish I wished that my friend thought he’s always been female and was always incredibly horny. My second was to have a big cock that no woman could resist.
I looked over to my friend, who was now almost completely naked and fingering herself and proceeded to pull down my pants to reveal my new cock. At that moment she noticed it and came just looking at it, I asked her to come and touch it and, well, you can guess what happened next…


Jacks friend Ben was always bragging about how big his dick was and Jack wanted to find out if it was true. So one day he went to the library and found a gender changing spell. When at home he sent Ben a message telling him that he would be out when he came round, but his “Sister” would be in. Right after he used the spell and transformed himself into a hot girl.
After Ben arrived it didn’t take long for Jack to lure him into bed,and that was where Jack met a nice surprise, Ben wasn’t lying.
Ben flung his head back as Jack rode his cock, completely unaware that his best friend.


Why was this happening?, I asked myself as I hovered above the ground being drilled by this guy. Just a minute ago I was watching this very scene happening on my laptop and wishing I could be there, then suddenly there was a flash, and everything went black. When I regained conciousness I could feel the pressure building, it didn’t take me wrong to realise my wish had been answered, I should have being more careful with my words, although, I’m not sure it really matters, this feels amazing, “Fuck me harder”, I moaned, looking down and watching him fuck me, I was so close to cumming I didn’t care anymore, this was me now, though, I do wonder what happened to my old self…


Before the great shift Carl (26) was invisible, no one seemed to pay him any attention, and no one seemed to remember he existed, he was fat, jobless and not particularly attractive.
The great shift was when his life really turned around, he had shifted into the body of his 16 year old neighbour, Carlie. Carlie was much smaller than him, much thinner, much hotter and best of all, popular. He’d always notice how Carlie had a new guy around almost every day, and today was no exception, because as soon as he swapped he found him self on top of Carlies latest conquest, who didn’t appear to be shifter, or to have noticed the change in carlies attitude, Carl looked back and watched as his new ass bounced rhythmically on top of him, and he loved it.
Carlie on the other hand was in Carls body, and let’s just say she didn’t take to it too well.

Sometimes Curses are Gifts

George had tried his hardest to resist temptations, he’d managed to not touch himself for the last week, ever since he was cursed to be a girl for 2 weeks, and if he managed not to touch himself sexually he could return to being a guy. Unfortunately part of the curse was that he would always be incredibly horny, and the temptations had finally gotten the worse of him. As he sat masturbating, he couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, why had he being so scared?, he should have embraced this as soon as it happened, because now he realised this curse was a gift, little does he know his friend is about to catch him, and masturbating isn’t as far as he will go.

2 Wishes

One day Jordan and Kenny discovered a lamp hidden in Jordans sisters room. Jordan picked up the lamp and as soon as he did a Genie popped out.
“You have 2 wishes master”, it said,
Jordan turned to Kenny, “What should we wish for “, he asked,
“Let’s take it in turns, 1 each” Kenny replied.
Jordan looked at the genie and made his first wish, “I wish we had a hot girl”, the genie nodded, and all of a sudden a puff of smoke surrounded Jordan, and when it cleared there was a girl in his place,
“This isn’t what I meant!” Jordan shouted in his new girly voice,
the genie ignored him and turned to Kenny, “What is your wish master,”
Kenny turned to Jordan, for a second he thought about turning him back, but upon noticing that she was naked, he had a better idea,
“I wish I had a massive cock that any girl who saw it would want it instantly”,
The genie nodded, Kenny felt his penis grow in his pants. And the genie vanished.
“What did you do that for dude!”, Jordan shouted, “Now I’ll never turn back,”
“I know,” Kenny replied smiling, dropping his trousers, “But I have a feeling you won’t care in a while.
Jordan didn’t reply, he was fixated on Kenny’s massive cock, suddenly he pushed Kenny on the bed and climbed over him and started to work on Kenny’s cock.
Kenny closed his eyes, “This was the best wish ever”