Boring lifes

Ben always hated his life and going to college wasn’t going to change that. Okay he really enjoyed all the parties and stunning girls around him but at the end of the day his life was still empty. He didn’t know what to do with his future and was just living for the moment… the complete opposite of Abbey. The two of them met at the last freshmen party and got to talk over a few drinks together. Or rather complain to each other about their lifes. Abby had her whole life planned ahead of her: getting good education, getting married, having kids… She new where she wanted to be in the future but she could not find a way to enjoy the present.
A few drinks quickly turned into many and soon after they went up to Bens dorm room to have sex. They both were far too drunk at the moment to realize what they were doing.
The next morning Ben discovered that not only did he got drunk and had slept with a girl he barely knew, he was also shocked to discover that said girl was having the moring wood he was missing right now. Because under his cute little fingers he only felt the flat, soft slit he inserted his penis last night. Abby and him somehow swapped bodys over night, but after the initial shock, neither of them were to complain. They both finally had the chance to live completly different lifes now. Especially because of their new exciting genders. Ben quickly put on Abbys bra to support his new chest and stepped into his old boxer shorts. He also grabbed a few bottles of leftover alcohol from last night as he stepped into the hallway. “Being a chick is going to be so sweet.”, he said with glee as he took a good sip from one of the bottles and danced along the hallway. “Goodbye hard-ons and stupid testicles. I’m going to have far more fun with my new boobs and pussy. While I’m at it I think it is time for my first visit of the ladys room…”


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