Bodysuit Bazaar

The cheers and hoots from the audience had just subsided when the host urged the new guest that just entered the stage to come over here so they could have a closer look.
With a big smile on her face she strutted over to the hosts, clearly demonstrating the curves of her body.

“Welcome to “The Better You” show. What´s your name?”


“Welcome Harold”, the host said, not skipping a beat.
There was an confused murmur from the crowd.

“What brings you here to the show?”
“I was asked to demonstrate our newest product from our assembly line over at “Bodysuit Bazaar” to you”.

“Let me get this straight: You are a male?”
“Yes, that is correct”
“Looking like a woman?”
“Yes”, Harold said and nodded.
A wave of murmur went through the audience again.

“How?!”, asked in a played despondation.
“You see Carol, we specialize in manufacturing bodysuits and the technology has come as far that we have a hard time to differ between biological people and people wearing bodysuits. Tell me, do you think I look like the real thing?”

“Very much so. I thought you looked beautiful when you entered the stage”.
“Well, thank you”, Harold said and blushed slightly.
The audience began to clap their hands.
“Would you believe me that inside this 5´6″ frame was the male build of an six foot black guy?”
The host looked astonished for the first time. “You gotta be kidding me? You doesn´t look like you weigh more than 140 pounds. Where did the rest of you go?”

Keeping his professional tone Harold explained: “We have special machines for that. People weighing the same as the suits specifications doesn´t need the machine I might add. Before I donned the suit I weighed slightly more than 200 pounds. With the help of that machine I managed to squeeze into this little thing”, Harold said, showing off his body at the same time in a small twirl.
The audience clapped their hands and cheered wildly.

“I`m impressed, Harold. I might even get one of those myself”, the host said, “When can I start to buy them?”
“This particular model will be available for purchase very soon. Of course you can do alterations to fit your desires better. Every suit even get an unique face so no one needs to look the same”.


“You did a helluva of job out there, Harold”, the CEO of the company said to his emplyee, when the watched the re-run of the show. “Pre-sales have skyrocketed through the roof”.
“Thank you sir”, Harold responded in his soft feminine voice.
“And you can keep the suit, just like we agreed”.
“Thank you sir”, happiness clearly visible on Harolds female face.
“Is there something else”, the CEO asked, whom was still very pleased with the situation, leaning back in his chair.
“There is something…”, Harold began, “Can I have a new ID as well?
“I`ll look into it. What name do you want?”
“Cassandra Cunningham”
“Consider it done”


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