Bad news

Tom-My mother thanks you had granted these days by young teenager and asks when you will swap back?
but seeing Tom in the body of his mother dressed only in underwear and heels asked
Tom-What are you doing dressed like that !?
Jake-I’m waiting for a person then it’s my home and I can wear what I want
Tom-no it is not your home! is my mom’s house!
Jake-who do I look like? I waited for the right time to tell you … but from now on I will be your mom
Tom-no I can not accept it
Jake-do not worry I’ll be the best mom ever. hurry to leave Brad is coming
Tom-Brad who? not that douchebag from gym
Jake-Yes … I know you can not understand, but now that I am a woman I have my needs, and he is so strong and cool, and has a crush on your mo… me.
Tom-but why all this ?!
I discovered that I love all the attention I get, it’s fun and exciting when the boys look at my tits and beyond. I like to have all to my feet. And then sex..but you can understand it only when you try it. I will keep my affairs secret, I don’t want to anyone think I am a whore, as long as you behave yourself. Now go to Tom and give him the bad news
Tom-Io ..
Ding Dong. Jake in Tom’s mother body went to open
Brad-hello beauty
after the greetings Tom saw Brad kissing his mother and grabbing her ass
Brad-then we may start the fun?
Jake-Wait,my son is leaving
Brad-oh hello tom- said, giving him a pat on the back-do not worry,I will give her back to you whole.
Brad took his mother in his arms and start having sex with her while Tom went out to tell his mom the bad news


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