“Almost as Big” Part 6

Tori ran downstairs, her larger tits flopping everywhere as she did so, and found her mother sitting watching TV.
“Look Mom!” she shouted. “Now who’s the big girl of the house!”
Her mother got up and turned, giving her daughter a full view of her own tits (she had liked to walk around the house topless since drinking the elixir). “Wow! Your boobies are even bigger than Mommy’s!” she said before bubbily running over and giving her daughter a big hug, their breasts squashing together as she did so.
Tori was taken aback. “Mom, what did you just call yourself? And, what did you just call my tits?”
“He-he, stop being silly! Like, you know what boobies are!” she gave hers a squeeze, and went to sit back down.
Tori grabbed at the staircase railing to stop herself from falling over. Her mother had become a total bimbo! How in the world-
“The elixir…” Tori whispered before running back upstairs. She dug the bottle out from under her bed and read the label more closely.
“Not for use by women. If a woman drinks may cause…” she read the short list of side-effects, until finally:
“Bimbofication,” she whispered. It wouldn’t be long before she was just a ditzy as her mother…


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