African Queen

Marcus and Tabatha were having and affair. Tabatha hated being the other woman, or ‘the misstress’ so much it hurt sometimes. Plus every time she hooked up with Marcus they were both breaking her vows. She was a married white trophy wife whose husband had a little dick. Marcus married his wife Monika because she was hot and had a lot of money, but he secretly couldn’t stand her attitude and personality. He was completely in love with Tabatha but couldn’t be with her except for a few secret booty calls because Monika would ruin his life. That was until the came upon an ancient body swap ritual in her grand mothers diary, while reading it between sex rounds. They agreed that one of them was going to use it to be together , but Tabatha went a little bit farther saying, ” I am going to trade bodies with your wife, Monika, so we can be husband and wife like we should be. She wont be able to do anything to us then. Now way are you going to swap with my husband, I have grown fond of your big , black, dick and no way am I going to settle for his little white one anymore.” Here we se the new Monika and her husband Marcus going at it for the first time after the switch. ” Fuck me Marcus, fuck your wife, fuck your African Queen. This black body is mine now and I will never give it back. Hurry up and cum in me so that bitch Monika will be sealed out of it forever!!!!!!!!! ” Tabatha nearly screamed as Marcus shot his baby making batter as deep into the new Monikas’ pussy sealing the spell.” I am Monika now Marcus, I am your wife, and I had better not catch you fooling around with that white girl Tabatha again, you hear me. You belong to me now.” Monika asked Marcus with a gleam in her eye.” Yes ma’am ” is all he replied feeling love for his wife for the first time. Finally, he felt, Monika was his soulmate ,Finally.


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