Addicted to estrogen.

Mmmm now this feels so nice, so lovely. Hard to believe that I used to be a man!

Yes that’s right, I was a man. Crazy I know.

But I suppose that all changed the moment I took my first pill. I took it by sheer accident too, that’s what is so insane about all this!

I was at my sisters place and I had a headache. I rummaged through her cupboards and found what I thought was some pills to help cure it. What I actually took though was a couple of her birth control pills!

It did cure my headache weirdly but more than that, I felt so amazing throughout the rest of the day.

I went back to my sisters the following day and without her noticing I took more of her tablets wanting to recreate the feelings I had felt before.

Again I felt fantastic for the rest of the day and evening. This stuff was incredible!

Unfortunately for the next few days my sister was busy so I couldn’t get any more. I felt so so horrible throughout too. I was sweaty and hot and achy all over, it was like my body missed the female hormones it had just recently been given. I began to crave the moment I could get some more.

When I next went around hers, I snuck into her cupboards took some more and also stole a dozen tablets. I took them home and I took a couple each day for the next week.

I couldn’t believe how I felt from them, I felt so wonderful it was amazing. It was clear that my body loved having estrogen and progesterone coursing through it and who was I to stop it. I needed to get some more!

I made a plan. I went back to my sisters, went to my mothers, went to various friends houses to get as many pills as I could get. I wanted them all and this was the only way I could get them. I amassed about 40 in total.

I was in the midst of a comedown when I got them all together in my bathroom. I was feeling so rough. I was shaking and hot and sticky and just felt plain terrible.

It was in my muddled state that I had the thought. If two pills can make me feel so amazing for the day, how great will I feel if I have more? how long will I feel so divine for if I took more than two?

In a rush, I opened all the pills and ingested the lot. I collapsed on the bathroom floor, my body going into shock.

I woke up and instantly I felt so so different. I was more energized and I felt so alive. Seeing my reflection in the mirror I saw that my whole body had transformed. The sheer force of the hormones I took had changed me totally and utterly.

My body has changed to match the hormones. I no longer will have the comedown I experienced, I no longer will have such a bland and basic existence. I’m fully a woman now, I’m producing my own female hormones and I feel so so damn good.


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