A Simple Request, part 2 of 4

This story is based on a request by ivorydawn. If you have any requests feel free to post them in the comment section.
May 4, 2015
Left alone, Charlie could do nothing more than stare at his breasts, as he couldn’t move his eyes. There was something, abnormal about them. They weren’t just flesh, or rather stone now, they looked more like a liquid that was frozen in time.
An hour passed. And another did. And another…
“I’m back!” Agatha exclaimed and quickly pointed her wand at Charlie’s forehead. “I am so sorry Charlie. I…lost focus during the enchantment. It was supposed to transform you into a woman. Clean and simple. But I lost control over it and you… began to meld. I had to do something our you’d be a pile of goo on the floor. However I’m quite sure you’re stable now.”
“You…!” Charlie shouted, while pointing a finger at her during the first moments, when he noticed something wrong. Well, multiple things wrong actually. His voice was female now, his skin turned for some reason dark and his whole body felt very jiggly. The oddest things though, were his breasts. They still weren’t entirely solid and moved like a slow-motion replay of a motion he had done a few hours ago.
“I… This shouldn’t happen. I have waited long enough.” Agatha said, apparently commenting on Charlie’s breasts.
Curious about what would happen Charlie touched his breasts with his hand. A soft feeling. Then he went full into the semi-fluid mass that were his breasts and went down to his knees, moaning. His hands in his breast-form triggered his most intense orgasm yet.
“Charlie! Concentrate!” Agatha shouted at her brother. “First, I have some clothes for you. Second, apparently you’ll have to wear that bra until your breasts are finished. That shouldn’t be a problem for long though, as we want to exchange your body with that of Georgia anyway.”
“Wait, what was this all for, then?”
“Well, you need some things from Georgia. I just transmuted your form into that of a random girl, but if you want to copy an existing person you need more specific items. Like hair. You just need this form to get into the girls looker room and steal some stuff from her.”
“What? I can’t just steal from someone.”
“You are trying to steal their body!”
“Fair enough. I’ll do it.”
“Okay, I’ll give you a list of items.”
Charlie nods and Agatha leaves his room.
“Err, Agatha, one thing, how do we avoid Mum and Dad learning about this?”
“I cloaked this room. They won’t be able to enter it and no sound can leave it.”

May 6, 2015
Charlie was standing in the girls locker room and tried to focus on his task, while changing out of his red tank top and flower coat. Agatha gave him a list of very specific items to get from Georgia. Among them were a hair, a recording of Georgia talking, a picture of her face and her sperm. Charlie had already acquired her hair and the recording. He planned on taking a picture of her from the internet, so only the sperm was on his to do list. Fortunately Agatha had told him a secret: Georgia had a rare medical condition, that made her cum extremely easily. Charlie was planning on ‘accidentally’ running frontally into her. Then he’d lie on her body and could scratch her vagina a bit, to get her to cum. Then he just had to get the panties. His plan worked. While they were warming up Charlie tackled Georgia frontal and made her cum. Then, being a good sport, he helped her up again and they carried on. Back in the locker room, when only Georgia and Charlie were left he told her that the teacher wanted to talk to her. While she was out of the room, Charlie looked in her bag and didn’t find the panties, she had cummed in. Unsurprisingly Georgia returned just a few seconds after she left and then asked Charlie why he lied to her and why he was looking into her bag. There was another thing that Agatha had told Charlie: Georgia was gay. Not even her best friend Tami knew that. So Charlie crossed his arms under his breasts and told Georgia the whole story, that ‘she’ was totally hot for Georgia, that ‘she’ made her orgasm in class, that ‘she’ wanted to find the panties to remember that moment. His plan worked a bit better than Charlie anticipated. Within seconds Georgia’s buxom body was lying on Charlie’s, whose vagina got fingered by the female student. Charlie decided to return the favour and made Georgia cum easily. After a few seconds he too came and Georgia took all of the cum onto her hand and swallowed it. Charlie decided to take a risk and swallowed all of her cum. That payed of though, when Georgia turned around and began to eat Charlie’s vagina. Charlie immediately returned the favour and licked Georgia’s vagina. Charlie miscalculated how much Georgia would come and the load blew up into his face. Georgia barely noticed and continued pleasing Charlie, who was scratching some cum from his face and securing it in a little container. Then he decided to make her job a bit easier and placed his hand into his bust.


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