You want to what?

“I said that you wouldn’t believe me.” I stuttered. “You sound completely crazy Matt. Your telling me that you want to take my place at work? That you think you can actually convince other people that your me. You can’t even feed me this line of bullshit with a straight face.” Ashley laughed. “Look I know it sounds insane, but please please just let me do this. It’s a win-win situation for both of us. You get all the days off that you want and I finally get to spend time as an actual woman instead of having to crossdress.” I begged. “So your telling me that this old tacky medallion will turn you into a copy of me?” Ashley questioned. “Yes from what I can tell, I will be an exact duplicate of you, I will look like you, sound like you, even smell like you. I just need some of your clothes that you have recently worn. Please I’m begging you Ashley, let me impersonate you, I’ll go to work for you, I’ll do all the shit you don’t want to do while you relax. I’ll owe you huge for this.” I pleaded. I could tell that Ashley had some reservations and it did sound ridiculous for me to ask to just borrow her life. “Hmm I’ve never had anyone beg me to be me before, it’s kind of creepy and really flattering at the same time. I guess since it is you though I will help out one of my besties. I could use a break to get caught up on my reading. If your going to pull it off though you need to go all the way. Here take my cell phone, everyone knows I don’t go anywhere without it, just don’t be an ass on my social media accounts. Here is my purse, your going to need my ID’s and here is the keys to my car. I’m putting alot of trust in you right now so I guess you will need this.” Ashley dropped the straps to her bra and pulled it through her shirt. I was ecstatic as Ashley extended the bra out to me and smirked. “Here your going to want this now. So let’s see it. Put on my bra and get to being me bitch. You better hurry though or your going to be late for work “Ashley”.”


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