Wear the pants

“You’re taking this well.” Beverly said, as she tossed her bra to her body. “Not like I have much choice.” Cliff shrugged as he pulled it on. “It was your bright idea to try the spell and you’re the one who didn’t translate it correctly. Now, I have to get dressed, drag your ass down to the bar and pour drinks until we can change back.” Beverly felt her new body stir as she watched Cliff slip out of the bed and pull on her short skirt and low cut top. A few minutes later she was expertly applying makeup. Beverly struggled to hide her smile as Cliff kissed her on the cheek, slipped on her heels and left their apartment. As the door closed, she let out a deep throaty laugh. They had been together since University and while she graduated ahead of him, Cliff raced up the corporate ladder and she was stuck waiting tables. She didn’t make a mistake translating the spell. It did exactly what it was supposed too. By the time Cliff finished her shift, he would be completly comfortable in her life, and her body. The desire to change back would slip away. It was her turn to wear the pants in the relationship.


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