Lori smiled and dropped her robe when she heard the doorbell ring. It was roleplay night with her husband, Todd. To keep their love life exciting, they occasionally created elaborate fantasies and spent the entire night living them out.

Tonight, she was ‘Olivia’ the rich bitchy socialite and Todd was ‘Ricardo’ the tennis pro from the country club. He was going to show up at her ‘mansion’ while her husband was away. She walked confidently toward the door, letting the fake diamond earrings and cheap costume bracelet sway with her walk. The doorbell rang again, and she closed her eyes for a second, bringing ‘Olivia’ to life.

“Ricardo!”” she snapped, as she swung open the door. “”How dare…””
Her fake personality shattered as she realized it wasn’t Todd at the door. It was Cyril, the creepy old guy from the office. She tried desperately to cover herself. “”Cyril!”” she shrieked, “”What are you doing here?””

A cigarette fell from his lips as he sneered at her. His jagged yellow teeth twisted into a predatory smile. In a blur of motion unbecoming of his obese frame, Cyril lunged at her, his body contorted inhumanly. Lori couldn’t believe her eyes as Cyril seemed to melt in front of her. She tried to scream as Cyril’s fluid body engulfed her, pouring into her throat, eyes and ears.

Cyril’s demented laugh filled her mind as Lori felt herself lose control of her body. A second later all she could do was watch, a passenger in her own body. Fear gripped her as Todd approached the house, dressed in his tennis whites. She could feel her body grow excited and a smile formed on her lips. Cyril laughed again and she heard her voice whisper seductively. “”Time for a little Roleplay.”””


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