Wait for it…

You hold your breath as your roommate sips the drink you made her. It’s important that you hide your excitement, so she doesn’t suspect a thing. You chug your own drink, making sure that you finish every drop of the body swap potion mixed with sleeping pills. As you wait for the spell to kick in, you fantasize about what you’ll do with her beautiful body for the next 48 hours. You feel the pills kicking in and as your eyes become heavy, you pray that the swap happens before you pass out. As a thick fog of exhaustion rolls in on your brain, there is a sudden jolt of energy and your soul zips out of your body. For a split second, you control both bodies and can watch yourself control hers. You feel her confusion as you take control. Taking another sip, you smile at yourself and do a little dance. By the time she wakes up in your body, you’ll be gone, off for a glorious weekend in Vegas.


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