4th of July Party: 1

My name was Stan

My neighbor Chad was having a big 4th of July party. I didn’t really feel like going, considering chad was a popular jock who was supposedly inviting a ton of girls, and I wasn’t really anybody special. My brother Jack insisted that we go for some reason. He said it would be “life changing” So after some convincing I begrudgingly went.

Once we arrived, the first thing I noticed is that there didn’t seem to be as many girls as I thought there would be. In fact, there didn’t seem to be any girls at all yet, which I thought was really strange. Almost as soon as we walked in, Chad strode up to us and talked to my brother.

“Oh good, You’re just in time Jack, and you brought your brother too. We need to get this party started”.

“No Problem Chad”

“Well, we better get started then” Chad said pulling out a strange device and pointed it at my brother making a *click* sound.

Immediately his dark hair shot out of his head and reached far down his back. He smile as he lost height and slimmed down. Another *click* and his cloths morphed into a two piece bikini with the stars and stripes on them. *click* His face morphed into a sexy girls. *click* His crotch flattened as his bikini tightened. His hips expanded and ass became large and round. “one last thing” chad said. My brother giggled and shook her chest as her boobs exploded outward.

“Thanks Chad, I always look forward to your parties. But this time I think I’m gonna stay this way. I’m tired of being a gross man. Now hook up my brother, It’ll be more fun being a girl with a sexy sister. Then we can go to the back and have a threesome to celebrate our womanhood.”

“wait, what?” I asked confused

“Sorry bro, but I’m tired of guy shit all the time, From now on it’s womanhood for us. Be sure to give her some big tits and a sexy as Chad”

“No problem Jackie”
Chad pointed the device at me. i braced myself to be transformed.
*click* My golden hair cascaded down my back “woah”. *click* I started getting slimmer, my muscles dispersed and my skin became smooth. *click* my cloths instantly morphed into a one piece swimsuit with an american flag. I knew what was coming next. *click* I felt my ass plump out and my hips round off “oh damn, my ass is hot”. And lastly my cock slipped away, I started to sway sexily as my tight vagina took form “oh fuck yea” I said grinning. *click* My face changed into that of a sexy female. “C’mon chad, give me some big ones” *click* I felt pressure behind my nipples as my chest began to expand, filling out my swimsuit. I was completely changed into a sexy woman.

My sister pulled at my shoulder strap strap and smiled. “She turned out pretty good huh Chad”

“definitely, now let’s have that threesome before the other guests arrive”

“oh totally”

And off we went to celebrate our womanhood.


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