I felt exhausted, like I had been fighting for my life. I slowly worked my way to consciousness. I felt like I was living a dream but I knew immediately that things were different. While we were sleeping I had changed everything between us. I had used the spell and forced my soul out of my own body. I now found myself on her side of the bed. I tensed my muscles and felt very new sensations in my body. I tried to pump my dick but I found that it was actually missing. I no longer owned that stupid dick anymore. I was now the wife, I was now the mother, and I was now Miranda. I wondered what exactly would happen when she woke up. Would she accept what I had done to her? Would she accept the new role as the man. I could not wait to look into a mirror. I wanted to see her face reflecting back to me. I loved my wife but I was more in love with the idea of being her. I had always been jealous of her. Every time that I had fucked her I closed my eyes and imagined that I was her. I was hesitant to use the spell but it was done and I had stolen her face, her body, and her very identity. I had taken everything away from her while she slept. I felt the body behind me in the bed move as a hand draped over my shoulder. A set of lips began to kiss my body. She was waking up, but she hadn’t yet realized what had happened. It was odd to think that my old mouth was currently kissing me. Suddenly I realized that my old cock was pressing against me and I strangely didn’t find that odd. I sighed hoping that she would just accept what had happened. Her hand soon found my breast. At first it was a slight rub, then it moved to cupping. Suddenly it registered in her head the roundness that filled her hand. “Baby why do you have…….” She stopped as she realized that she spoke with my old voice. “Oh my god you don’t just have a tit, you have my tits!” my old voice boomed. I smiled and for the first time spoke as Miranda. “Yeah there are some changes that you probably need to know about…….”


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