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Zach the Teenage Warlock

“Now Zach, for the hundredth time, I’m sorry I sent your little friend Shelly home. It’s just that I found it strange that the prettiest girl in your school was up here… not studying with you in your room when you’ve told me repeatedly that she was never interested in you. As your father, I just don’t want you using your… gifts selfishly. Now, if I get in bed with you and finish what Shelly started will you change me back in the morning? I can’t go to work like this.”

Dark Master (6)

“What were you?”
“I… I was a man. I was a former special forces bodyguard trained in seven different martial arts.”
“What are you now?”
“I’m… I’m a part time model and a… full time slave.”
“A slave to who?”
“A slave… to YOU, master!”

Dark Master (5)

“Oh come on, darkmaster666, you’re, like, totally cheating!”
“It’s called SKILL, bustylusty21.”
“Oh, yeah right! You- wait, what? My gamer tag is ‘bulletballer21’ you dumbass!”
“Now what did I say about name calling, Jimmy? *snaps fingers*”
“Whoa! I feel weird… Anyway, my name is JAIMIE, weirdo!”
“Oh, well I was close enough… ‘Jaimie’. *snaps fingers*”
“Oh! My boobs just popped out! Wait… were they always this big?”

Dark Master (7)

“Ugh! Ah, gross, dude! You. like, totally jizzed all over me! Okay, look, dude, you fucked me, you came, and I said I was sorry for beating up those dweebs at my school. Now will you change me back?”
“Oh, no Lance… we’re just getting started. Oh, and don’t worry about having to get back to class, Nance. You were kicked out of school for being too slutty, remember?”
“Oh, yeah… right. Well, it’s not my fault all the boys wanted me and the big titties!”

This Better Be Worth It

Even though I was born a guy, I’ve always admired lesbians. I only watched lesbian porn and was constantly in lesbian chat rooms. Luckily I found a warlock who could grant my deepest desire. He would make me a girl so I could live out my fantasy of being a lesbian. He just had one condition. He got to have sex with me right after my transformation. I agreed, but that didn’t mean I enjoyed it.

Dark Master (33)

“Oh! Fuck me, Master! FUCK ME! I can’t believe I wanted to start up a task force to bring you down. How could any man ever hope to challenge a god like you?” Read more

Double Standard

Ricky was the town bad boy. He had tattoos, wore a leather jacket, drove a muscle car to go with his big muscles, and anything he wanted was his to steal. He had now stolen the heart of Felicia Helbram, a sweet girl with a notoriously strict father. Felicia actually had Ricky considering being less of a troublemaker, and that’s what he told her father when he got up the nerve to ask for his permission to date his daughter. Unfortunately, Mr. Helbram was not having any of it. He knew that Ricky didn’t want anything but sex. He laughed at Ricky and told him that he had “bad news, surprising news, and good news” for him. The bad news was that Ricky was not good enough for his innocent daughter, so he would never be allowed to date her. The surprising news was that Mr. Helbram was, in fact, a warlock. Finally, the “good news” was that Ricky would instead be allowed to date Mr. Helbram’s SON, Franky. Ricky was extremely confused as Mr. Helbram snapped his fingers and everything changed in an instant…
“Ricki” was the town slut. Her big round boobs were bouncing all over the place as her boyfriend Franky fucked her from behind. She loved having his big cock thrusting inside her. She was so happy that he finally decided to make her his girlfriend despite that fact that his bitchy sister, Felicia, warned him not to just because she had a bad reputation.