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Genie Series #34. @chanel

“I know my girlfriend loves me, but sometimes I feel like she doesn’t tell me everything. I wish she felt more comfortable talking to me like she does to all her gal pals. – Devin” Genie read another wish. She felt sorry for Devin, because there was only one way his girlfriend will be more comfortable talking to him. And I bet most of you will know how this wish is going to turn out. “Wish granted” Read more

Genie Series #62. @ghostmean08

Jane and Hailey have been friends for such a short time, but it is like they have been friends since childhood. They understand each other perfectly. They like the same drinks, the same kind of guys, they even have the same hobbies. Not too long ago, Hailey was a guy. And he was fighting, once again, with his girlfriend Jane. That would be their last fight, since he had already made a wish. Read more