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Some habits die hard

Tom smoked a pack a day. He didn’t want to quit, no matter how much preasure his parents, his girlfriend or his friends put on him. So I gave him a subliminal recording, something that will change his habits in a few days. Of course he didn’t know what it was, he thought it was just a common music player. Read more

Subliminal fun

Scott comes home from a long day of working in the warehouse. He enters his room pluging his i pod into his stereo listening to his favorite songs. Suddenly he sits down on the bed as underlayed on all his songs are subliminal messages from his best friend Cameron. Months go by of listening to the messages as Scott is completely oblivious of the changes.
It first started with a rigourus work out rutine running 5 miles a day and eating healthy. Next was taking experimental Hormone pills which started a process of changing Scott to Amy. Mysteriously Scott had a gift sent to him to pay for surgery. One year passes and Amy is sitting on her bed pleasuring herself as she Obeys the message that her Boyfriend will be coming to take her away.