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I picked up the bottle and read the label on the side. In fine print, all the way at the bottom, I was able to read the word “reversible”. Good. As much as the idea of growing another boob turned me on, I didn’t want to keep it forever! Maybe just a few fun-filled hours. I put the bottle back on the counter, and picked up my glass of pink liquid. I examined it closely. It looked almost like Pepto Bismal, though it defintitely smelled different. I shrugged, and downed the whole glass, slamming it back to the counter when it was empty. Instantly, intense heat arose in the center of my chest. I staggered into my living room, my vision slightly fuzzy, and sat down hard on the couch.
I felt my bra straps slowly slide over my shoulders, and looked down to see my large D-cup breasts being parted by a much smaller boob, right in the middle. The warmth continued as I felt my bra straps slip over my shoulders, the cups having been spread too far. I pulled my shirt down, exposing more of my chest and giving it more room to expand. My new breast was at least a B-cup by now, maybe a small C.
The heat grew more intense, becoming a burning sensation, almost unbearable, and then…
It stopped. I breathed heavily, and looked down at my heaving chest.
Three, full-sized tits rested on it. I tore off my shirt and undid the rest of my bra, which I had outgrown. My chest had broadened slightly to allow for the extra boob, though it still seemed slightly squished between the other two. I got up, jumping up and down and watched my new breast bobble with the ones I had already had. With glee I skipped over to the kitchen, enjoying the feeling of my three tits slapping against each other as I did so.
I picked up the bottle, to learn how to reverse the effects before I went upstairs to enjoy myself. I smoothed the label over the strangely shaped bottle, and read the word, causing me to drop the bottle, which shattered against the floor.
“Irreversible”. The wrinkle in the label had hidden the full word from me earlier. I stepped carefully around the broken glass and ran upstairs to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror.
Three boobs. Three large boobs now rested permanently on my chest. I tried to squeeze my new asset in between my originals, but it was no use. There was no getting rid of it, and there was no hiding it. I had three tits. I would have to wear loose sweatshirts if I didn’t want people staring at it, and bras would be a thing of the past. “Maybe a large sports bra would work?” I said, reaching up and rubbing my new boob. All because I couldn’t wait and read the label properly. Read more

A Good Idea After All

Four days ago, I was a man. That was when my girlfriend decided to spice things up in the bedroom, and use me to live out her lesbian fantasies. Now she said she had another surprise for me.
“Here babe,” she said as she walked into the room. “Drink this.” She handed me a potion of some sort.
“And what’s this going to do?” I asked cautiously.
“Just drink it!” I had learned not to argue, and so I uncorked the bottle, and downed the drink inside. Almost as soon as I had, I felt a burning and itching, just below my breasts. I reached down, and felt two small bumps. Two small bumps with two larger bumps below them, and the two larger ones were swelling. they felt almost like…
“Breasts?!” I shouted, and my girlfriend squealed with delight.
“Yes, breasts! I thought maybe I’d spice up your chest a bit, he-he!”
“Spice it up a bit? What, were my huge puffy nipples not enough?”
“Well you know I find those sexy, but now you have four of them!” she reached over, and squeezed one of my new tits. The burning had subsided, and now I looked down to assess the damage.
Below my first pair of breasts, was a second pair, nearly identical to the originals, but slightly smaller. I looked up for a moment, and saw my girlfriend had taken off her shirt, revealing four boobs of her own.
“You don’t think I’d let you have all the fun?” she said lustily. I smiled back at her, posing sexily on the couch, as she walked steadily closer to me.
Maybe this was a good idea after all…

Hang Free

It felt so good to release my girls at the end of a long day. Ever since I had grown a second pair of breasts under my first, going out in public had become a chore. I was just glad that when I got home, I could let them hang free.

Cabin in the Woods

I had been hiking with my friend, Kelly, all day, and we had run out of water about half an hour ago. We thought for sure we were going to die out here in the woods, but we luckily stumbled across an old-looking cabin. We approached it cautiously, neither one of us saying a word in case it might curse our luck. We knocked on the front door. No reply. After the third try, we wiggled the knob, to find it was open.
“Hello?” Kelly said, her voice echoing through the cabin. despite its outward appearance, in the kitchen was a working sink.
“Thank goodness!” I said, spying some cups sitting beside it. They all had little animals carved on the sides of them: a cow, a deer, a pig, and a turtle. “I call the cow one!” I said immediately. Cows were my favorite animal.
“I figured as much,” Kelly said knowingly. “I’ll take the pig then.”
We filled up our cups, and drank deeply. The sun was beating down hot outside, and the water was extremely welcome. When she had finished drinking Kelly slammed the cup down on the counter hard. “I don’t feel quite so well…” she muttered, holding her stomach. I continued drinking, but stopped as I started to feel a strange pain in my stomach as well. It wasn’t like an upset stomach, more like an extreme amount of pressure.
We went into the living room of the cabin, and sat down on the small sofa. “Mooove over,” I said as Kelly sat practically right on top of me. I wasn’t sure why I drew out the word so much though.
My thought was broken though when I heard a snap come from beside me. “Gosh Kelly, I didn’t know you had put on that much weight,” I said teasingly, looking at her belly that had popped the snap on her jeans.
“Like you should talk,” she said back, and I looked down to see a bulge forming in my own pants. I put my hands down to undo my zipper, when I felt a sharp pain just above my butt. I undid the clasp on my own jeans, and pulled them down to reach back and see what it had been.
It was a tail. I had a tail! And looking down I could see what looked like nipples forming over the fatty bulge that was putting pressure on my panties. I turned to Kelly, expecting her to look shocked at my changes, but found myself in that position.
“Kelly, what’s going on?!” I shouted. She too had taken off her pants, as well as her shirt, though for a slightly different reason. She had porked up all over her body, and there was no way those fatty legs would fit into her jeans. Her belly now hung over the top of her pink panties. Down either side of her torso, below her still bra-clad breasts, were six extra nipples.
Suddenly I felt my panties cutting into my flesh, a pain which pulled me away from Kelly’s situation. I looked down, and saw that the bulge earlier had turned pink and swelled much further! I reached down and tore my panties apart, freeing my…my…
“Udder?!” I shouted, looking down at the pink mass. The nipples I had noticed before had elongated into teats. I spun to Kelly, my udder sloshing heavily as I felt it fill with milk.
“We have to do something!” she said, looking up at me from her new seat on the floor. I couldn’t help but stare. Her extra nipples had grown into six additional breasts, all D-cups by the looks of them, and even her regular C-cups had expended, overflowing her too-small bra, which looked ready to snap at any moment.
“Y-your face!” she said, pointing to me. I looked around, finally finding a mirror above the fireplace. I walked awkwardly over to it, my udder slapping uncomfortably against my thighs, milk starting to bead on the ends of my teats.
“Oh my gosh!” I shouted upon getting a look at my reflection. My nose had broadened, the tip turning pink but the rest was covered with short brown fur. My ears now flapped out to either side of my head, covered with the same fur as my nose.
I saw Kelly appear in the mirror over my shoulder, and I could tell that walking over here had caused her more effort than she was used to, and a look of shock entered her own face.
Her nose had shifted into a short pink snout, and her ears stuck out similarly to mine.
“What happened to us?” she said nasally.
“I dooon’t knooow,” I said, unable to control how drawn out my words became. “But I think it muuust have been those cups!” we ran back over to the sink as fast as our new bodies could manage. The cups were gone. Kelly and I looked at each other, taking in our new forms.
“We can’t go back to town…” she said sadly.
“I guess we’ll just have to live out here,” I said, sitting down. “Two freaky animal girls, alooone in a cabin in the woods…”
“I’m sure we’ll be able to have some fun…” Kelly said, her eyes glued to my udder. And as I looked up at her I had to admit, all eight of her tits looked pretty fantastic…