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Seeing Double

“What?” she said, staring at me as she sat sitting by the window. “You’re looking at me like I’ve got four eyes!” No, she still had only two of those, but underneath her two breasts I could see some bulging beneath the extra pair of nipples she didn’t seem to have noticed.
They continued swelling up, and when they had reached A-cups she finally took notice of what had caught my eye.
“Oh, these?” she laughed. “Yeah, I thought they might make things a bit more…fun. I’ll admit though, the pills took a lot longer to work than I had thought.” Her second pair of breasts continued to swell, until finally they matched the C-cups of her upper pair. She looked at me seductively from her seat by the window, before she raised her hands to her new boobs, fondling and kneading them, pleasure-filled moans escaping her lips.
“Oh gosh… They’re even more sensitive than my first pair…oohh…” she said. “If only I had a second pair of hands: this is just too much boob for one gal.” She winked at me, and I walked over to her, my hands going instantly to her top breasts. Her moans increased, and I knew the pleasure was becoming overload for her. Her pussy was already getting wet. I turned her around, her four tits wobbling and bumping against each other.
She looked up at me, and asked, “So, are you ready to fuck a girl with four tits?…” All I could do was nod, mesmerized by her doubled-bust…

Not What I Was Expecting

When my girlfriend asked me to join her in the shower, I wasn’t expecting her to have used some spell to change me into a girl myself!
“What’s the deal with this?” I said, cupping my new breasts with frustration.
“Well, you know I’m bisexual, and I kinda wanted to try something out,” she said coyly. “I’m a bit disappointed that your boobs are so small though. The spell was supposed to give you more than me! And, no offense, but your chest doesn’t hold a candle to my girls!” She grinned at me, and I took a handful of one of her breasts. I couldn’t deny, they were as fantastic as ever.
Suddenly though my thoughts were interrupted as I felt a pressure just below my own breasts. “Ack!” I shouted, grabbing the area with my hands, feeling two unfamiliar bumps as I did so.
“Wh-what?” I said, lifting my boobs up and looking down.
Nipples? Why did I have two nipples below my breasts? And why did I feel so much pressure behind them?
My questions were soon answered, as fatty tissue started to push my extra nipples up off my body. I cupped the new masses. The new breasts.
My girlfriend was eyeing me up, “Ooh, seems like I misunderstood what the spell meant by “more breasts”, he-he. Though this will work out fine too.” It wasn’t bad enough that one pair of boobs was a new experience to me, but now I had two pairs?! The weight had felt strange before, but now I felt like I just had four water balloons taped to my chest.
My girlfriend just continued to look at me, lust clearly in her eyes. I’m not sure what it was, but my original discomfort had faded away. A big grin grew across my face as she fondled my lower boobs, my hands reaching for the top pair, the pleasure already mounting…