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War is a disgusting feature of our planet. Completely and utterly disgusting. Many of the technological advancements that have been brought forward by war have caused such immense horror. One of the newest and most unbelievable weapons of war is that of the fembomb. Read more


Modern Warfare is not exactly played by the rules. Countries are turning to biological warfare to achieve the upper hand. The newest revolution in this is femgas. They use femgas and spray it over towns or military installations. The gas will only effect men as it changes them into women. Women on the other hand will not notice the slightest of disturbances to the air. A few months ago the enemy sprayed fem gas over a town of over a million people. This caused everyone to be female.
When military bases are struck it causes much havoc. Soldiers can not concentrate on their job when they have pair of breasts on their chest. As you can see this pilot can’t even get her zipper up over her breasts. Imagine, men running into war unable to take their eyes off their hot jiggling breasts the results would be catastrophic. Read more