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That Damn Genie Pt VI

“I don’t know if I can take this anymore Jen,” Carlos said, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love you and everything, but your fans are pretty out of control sometimes.” It’s been over two years since Carlos switched bodies with Jennifer Lawrence by the twisted words of a genie, and the swapped pair have been going through the motions day by day. Jennifer was happy that she was no longer dealing with the burdens that came with being a Hollywood actress, but couldn’t bear watching Carlos struggling with what she used to. Read more

That Damn Genie Pt 2

“Where’s that damn genie?” Carlos said in Jennifer’s voice, “She still owes me two more wishes! I wanted to be IN Jennifer Lawrence not BE her!” Carlos explored his new house in hopes of finding the lamp, but his search was in vain. His new chest caught his attention whenever he moved.
“God this body is so uncomfortable. I wonder if we switched bodies or if I’m possessing her and will be back in my body without her knowing of this.” He grabbed Jennifer’s phone in hopes of contacting her, but if she doesn’t know of this incident, and somehow thought she was the real Carlos, then her phone will be exposed to the outside world, something Carlos didn’t want to be responsible for.
“If Jennifer does know of this,” Carlos said, “Then she’ll contact me and we’ll sort this out.”
Weeks passed with no sign of the real Jennifer contacting Carlos, and soon she will have to promote the new ‘Hunger Games’ film, something Carlos will have to do in her place.
“I guess I should take a shower. It wouldn’t be invading her privacy since I am her now.”
He turned on the shower, with a blast of cold water blasting at his chest.
“Oh god,” he gasped, “Her body seems to be turned on by this.” Flooded with female hormones, Carlos explored every inch in his new body, with the weeks old make up washing from his face. He almost forgot he was supposed to do this with a bar of soap!
“Oh my god,” he moaned, “I guess the genie granted my wish in a way. The only complaint I have now is her hair getting in my eyes, but that can be fixed.”