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Strange Taste in Music

Ugh, Mat has the weirdest taste in music. It was nice of him to lend me his ipod while I tanned, but what even is this stuff he put on for me. I guess it was OK as a relaxation mix, but these titles are absurd. “Malleability of the Mind,” “Let the Brain Sculpt the Body,” “Forging of a Goddess,” “Remembering the You that always was,” it just goes on and on and on. Read more

Protestor, Part 3 (Final)

Months have passed since Emily’s had a thought of her own. Without their organizer, the protests start. Any independent protestors backed away, fearful of becoming like Emily. She didn’t mind, however, she new hardly anything about the news, or anything really. The mayor brought her home with her that night and transformed her from the brainy activist to a dumb blonde bimbo. She’s his biggest supporter, his lover, and soon to be his wife.
As she laid out in lawn, looking back at the mayor, she tried to remember how she got here. She loved his massive cock and his controlling personality, but had she always? He could see the confused look on her face as she wiggled her ass at him and knew her mind was beginning to wonder again. He quickly unzipped his pants, prepared to put a stop to that.
Emily loved Mayor Dixon.

Magic Wheel – Collin

“And 3,2,1 awake!” The magician said as Collin was brought from his trance. Collin looked around, confused. He was in a room he didn’t recognize and there was a man whom he’d never met standing in front of him, smiling. Read more

Still the Dominant One

My girlfriend Erin was naturally submissive. She would get turned on when I took charge in the bedroom and even like it when I’d manhandle her a bit. We never did anything that I would call hardcore, but I was definitely the dominate one in bed. And that worked for us. Until one day she started being more assertive and aggressive in our sexual activities, which I was fine, but she was so awkward when doing it. Looking back I’m sure her bitchy friends put her up to it. They despised me and no doubt hated that she would dare let herself be dominated by a man. Erin even started to try to hypnotize me. It didn’t work, but I played along. I wanted to she what she would do. When I fell into a trance for the first time (well, pretended to), she was astounded that it actually worked. She started with some silly things like hopping on one foot, but then quickly went into giving me commands to alter my overall behavior. During the first session, she commanded me to secretly start wearing her panties. She told me it was now my fetish, but I didn’t want her to know. I had never even considered cross-dressing before, but I had to admit I was a little turned on. Over the next few days, I went along with her commands. I’d put on her panties while she was in the bathroom, but do things like leave her underwear drawer slightly ajar to let her know i’d taken them. I’d catch her with a sly grin on her face when I’d bend over to get something, giving her a peak at the panties I had chosen. I even went so far as to shave my nether regions, and I have to say wearing her panties felt amazing. As the sessions went on, Erin would add more and more things to alter my behavior. One session, she presented me with a bottle of hormone pills. I was about to draw the line there, but I was so turned on and so curious I didn’t want to stop. I was already wearing bra and panty sets as well as wearing female cut jeans most of the time. Thanks to my already slender frame, I could fit into most of Erin’s stuff. The hormone pills kept coming and coming, and I kept taking them and taking them. I’m not sure where she was getting them from, but I always made sure to take them in secret as per the conditioning she set. I fell into a routine of taking the pills and wearing my girlfriend’s clothes. It was all so erotic, so exciting I didn’t want to stop.
However, as time went by I started to notice a change in Erin. She wasn’t happy. In acting in accordance with her hypnotic conditioning, I was demure and submissive. When I looked into the mirror, I no longer saw a man, but a pretty girl. I got up and put on some make up, picked out a matching bra and panty set along with some of my girlfriend’s jeans, shoes, and sweater. I went out to meet her in the kitchen. She could barely look me in the eyes anymore. I could tell she was starting to regret what she’d done, but it wasn’t her fault. I had been in control of my own actions all along.
I walked up to her by the sink and forced her to turn around, bending her over so she was pressed up against the wall. With the amount of hormones I had been taking, it was difficult to get an erection, but asserting my dominance over her did just enough for me to get inside her. She gasped then let out a slow sigh. The look of relief on her face told me everything. She knew I was still me. I just calmly stayed in her, grinding slowly. Our future was uncertain. I’d grown to like the person I’ve become. Where we go from here was a decision we’d have to make together, but one thing was for sure. I was still the dominant one.