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Paying My Bet…..

Well , I had a bet with my ol buddy that I could beat him in a road race. I lost. It came time to pay up and he told me to meet him at Hooters. I figured that I’d have to buy lunch and that would be that. He said ” Oh No! You will find out starting tomorrow morning.” I wondered what that meant. The next morning I found out. I woke up with blonde hair in my face and a pair of breasts on my chests! WTH!!! I’m A Girl! I called my friend on the phone and told him that this wasn’t part of the bet. He said yes it was and it’s only for a week. Ok, I calmed down a bit and figured what the hell, why not enjoy a break from my life for a week. Then I get a call from Hooters telling me that I have to come in to work today cause one of the girls called in sick. Oh Ok, I’ll be there soon. Well, It’s time to start paying my debt…. Damn, I do look good though….

Sexual Harraser Problem

One morning in the store I was flipping through the paper and noticed a story about a group of men on a college football team harassing the cheerleaders at their school, and an investigation taking place. The story seemed very sympathetic towards the men, which I found ridiculous. If I have learned one thing since my transformation, its that men can be really disgusting. Read more