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Such Luck

When humans would cast looks upon Alex all they would see was a 6 foot tall, not fit but not fat teenager who should probably go find a dark place to hide from sun. Nobody ever expected him to actually be the first user of the newest suit from Nanite inc. After tedious hours put in at work and long streaming sessions online he finally had enough money to purchase said suit. Of course there is always a catch with such things, the suit was still in beta and had more then its fair share of bugs, most were issues involving the mind integration of the suit.
As the suit arrived Alex felt the sense of being reborn enter his mind. He slowly and carefully removed the suit and discovered it to be much smaller then he imagined. looking more like a pair of stockings then a suit. As he read the instructions he began to understand that the Nanites were for messing with his own biochemistry and the stocking looking suit was a basic template for them to follow.
Almost without thought Alex pounded down the Nanite concoction and began slipping on the suit. Pain and pleasure erupted through his body slowly bringing him to the point of tearing off the suit when a voice came on in his head ” Please refrain from removing the suit during the binding process otherwise you may be unable to turn use our product safely. Thank you and follow the breathing instructions as we give them to you.” Through the immense pain he halted his attempt and began breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly feeling as if his body was being stretched and pulled like taffy.
The voice returned with ” The process is almost complete please select a name and then a profession you wish to learn.” Strange he thought as he said aloud “Tera and a entertainer.” Not thinking of what he spoke the voice retorted with “Alright Tera and entertainer selected please remain calm as we make the final changes.” The pain was back and this time it was worse feeling as his body shrunk down and his hips and bust line increased he realized that entertainer may have been to broad. His dream was to be a professional streamer but with so many people in the market for it he had a hard time getting in.
After the pain subsided he ran to a mirror, aloud he spoke in a sultry tone ” will this isnt what I was expecting.” The suit had taken him from a 6’f man into what looked like shorter blonde girl with tattoos. Quickly taking a picture and texting it off to his friend he began to wonder what new possibilities the world had for him in this new body. Though he could no longer say he was a he, She heard the voice in her head for what would be the last time ” Thank you for picking Nanite inc. for all your body modification needs, if any issues should arise please call-….” Static left in her head apparently the Nanites didn’t have enough power to turn her back to Alex but Tera didn’t mind so much if anything she was more interested in streaming some guys or going out and finding someone to play with.

Beer curse

Ever heard of Ranma ½?
Me neither if you had asked me a couple of months ago. Ranma½ is an anime that revolves around a guy that turns into a girl if he get cold water on him. My situation is roughly the same but with beer instead. Warm or cold, beer transforms me into a chick. Read more