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Gym TG

Going to the gym used to be so simple throw on a T shirt and shorts, and lift some weights, not I not only have to deal with these Melons but also this skin tight outfit that shows off all my unwanted curves

Party crasher

“Lock and load”, Frank grumbled to himself in an high alto voice.
The weapon, an AK-74, was unwieldy to handle in this smaller body but it was worth it. Nobody would suspect a bunny waitress to crash a mob party.
The Don had promised him great wealth and a good position within the family if he pulled it off. If Frank failed the Don could deny any knowledge about it.
He put an extra magazine between his boobs and tripped away on his high heels towards the music in the reception hall.

Playboy Bunny

I loved flipping through those magazines, getting turned on by their skimpy outfits that revealed all the right curves. One day I got the monthly issue in the mailbox, and I was anxious to read it. I sat down on my couch to flip through it but I noticed that it was issued to “The sexist”, but that’s not my name. I thought it was slightly odd, but figured it was a marketing strategy to attract more men. Read more