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Don’t Bring Jewelry to the lake

“No,no,no please We have to find it mom” Trey(18) said. ” I know I told you to put the rings in the car” Marisa(45) said. You see Treys mom was tired of him playing video games all day instead of going outside and with no one else in the family home she asked him if he wanted to go to the lake with her. He said sure because it was incredibly hot and he was kind of board playing video games anyway. On there way down to the lake threw the woods they saw this old lady. She walked up to the mother and son pair and told them about these rings that would make them “more connected”. Trey’s mom loved the idea of being closer so she asked the woman how much. The woman said free and handed them the rings and left. Needless to say when the put the rings on they swapped bodies. It was weird at first but they thought about what a unique experience it was and decided to stay as each other at the lake unfortunately due to Trey’s laziness about taking the rings to the car the rings accidentally fell in the lake. They have been looking for the rings for hours now. It seems like the mother and son pair are going to be stuck as each other

Not a dream

Ohh boy I feel fat I new I shouldn’t have had all that ice cream.
Why is my hair brown and way longer. Why does my voice sound funny. WHAT THE FUCK WHY DO I HAVE TITS. Oh shit im a fat chick… No way its worse than that I’m a pregnant chick. I guess this is a weird dream.This chick lifts no weights. Eww I felt the baby kick. Wonder what it feels like to put my hand in here oww. That was kind of nice haha. Alright time to get dressed. Ok well this doesn’t fit. I’ll try the other pants . Ok back to my pussy haha this is a really weird dream. Unfortunately for Shane he really swapped bodies with this pregnant girl because of the great shift. And would not have to live being a single mother.

Should I try to swap bodies for real

Ok so this isn’t a Normal caption this is for all the people that think body swapping may be possible. I read somewhere that a guy swapped bodies with his cousin using an Ouija board. So I’m debating on weather or not to try to swap bodies using one. If I did I would probably try it with my mom(45) or aunt(43) because i think both of them would keep it a secret. Im an 18 year old guy btw. I would only swap with them for a week max. Do you think I Should try it? Should I swap with my mom or aunt or someone else. Do you have any ideas on how to swap bodies let me know thanks

Not a Toy

I’m normally an 18 year old guy named Trevor but today I was very unlucky. I went over to mow my rich neighbors lawn and her kids where outside with this weird toy gun. Tracey(8) ran over to me crying saying that she was really Cindy(11) and that she swapped there bodies with the toy gun. I thought she was just kidding so I went over to “Cindy” and said you need to swap back Tracey and laughed. She just yelled at me “if your going to nag me like my mom maybe i should make you her”. I shrugged it of and was walking back to finish mowing the lawn. When I was Finished Mrs. Z (44) came out and offed me some lemonade. Just then Cindy ran by and shot me and her mom with the gun I feel forward due to the new weight on my chest. I was amazed and horrified at the same time. Mrs. Z looked the same way. Mrs. Z in my body ran after Cindy but accidentally nocked her down destroying the gun. I just sat down disgusted that I was now trapped in my neighbors body forever. Hey at least I’m rich

Totally worth express shipping

Ok so I’m walking around the mall and this weird homeless looking man comes over and mumbles about how this necklace can transform you into someone as long as you touch an item of there clothing to it. He said he would give it to me if i bought him something from the food court. Sound’s like a good deal I said. I didn’t think it would work but curiosity got the best of me. I didn’t want to turn into another guy and I definitely didn’t want to be my mom or sister. So I decided to look on line for celebrity memorabilia. I found a towel that was used by Ava Addams so I bought it. I payed for express shipping so it came in a few days. I put the necklace on and put the towel on. Well I feel stupid I thought but then suddenly I started to shrink, I was getting slimmer, and my chest swelled up. Haha yeah this was definitely worth the shipping and handling.