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Underground Body Market 3

“You goddamn idiot! He told you to be especially aware that you need to part your plush lips from time to time to suck some cock if you want to keep her job. But no! You simply had to refuse your boss 3 times in a row after you sucked him off one time instead of going with it. Your body doesn’t even have a gag reflex Max, no need to be scared about! And after you lost your job, you simply couldn’t get a suitible job for a body like yours, like being a high class escort, no, you simply rushed to the next idiotic pimp, which started to abuse you and didn’t pay you enough to keep your standarts. And if that wasn’t enough you had to rob money from him and now he is after you for revenge!”, you hissed at Max furiously, as you two were walking towards the underground body market. Read more

Fleeing The Country

Alex was the most wanted bank robber in the country. Over the years he had succeeded robbing numerous banks and taking billions of dollars. Robbing a bank was his best talent, and he always work alone. He could sneak into a bank vault during day time without triggering the alarm. Police always lose track of him, and never could identify his identity to be able to arrest him. Read more