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How Do They Do It?

“Damnit!” I shouted, my new ass bouncing off the wall of the shower. Again. “How do fat bottomed girls do this?!” I turned around angrily, and my booty bonked into the hose of the showerhead, which knocked all my soaps onto the floor.
“‘Fat bottomed girls’?” said a voice. “Isn’t that word what got you into this mess?” I looked up from the mess on my shower floor and saw her standing just on the other side of the glass: the witch who had cursed me. I had commented on her ass yesterday while at the supermarket, and-wait a minute.
“Your ass!” I shouted, pointing at her rear end and backing myself against the wall, stopping short when my own bottom hit the wall. She turned slightly, giving me a better view of her cute, tight little bubble butt.
“I know, isn’t it great?” she said mockingly. “But I had to put that old thick one somewhere, and lucky for you I didn’t take too kindly to some horny guy calling me a “sexy fat assed babe”, so it’s all yours now!” And with a laugh she vanished, leaving me, and my big booty, to finish my shower.
As I washed my newly lengthened hair I thought “She could have at least given me bigger boobs.”


The latch on the door to our dressing room clicked open and I slowly turned my head to see my wife standing in the doorway.
The groceries she was carrying immediately fell to the floor and her jaw dropped open.
“Oh my god, is that you Martin?” she gasped.
“Oh, hi sweetheart I didn’t expect you home so soon, could you help me find a bra and nickers that fit, I’ve got these curves everywhere!”
“But..but what happened?” she squealed. Read more