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Little slut husband

Look at him…he’s so fascinated that he’s in a girl’s body he won’t even turn around.
Ever since my husband and I swapped bodies he’s been acting like a slut.
All the things he found terrible when I suggested he now finds amazing.
He even asked me for a threesome, and he didn’t want to know who the partner is.
For all he knows it could be another man pulling down his panties, ready to ram him in his ass, and he just keeps kissing me.
I wonder if he’ll be turned on or disappointed when he finds out it’s his ex girlfriend, that he always wanted to bring over and I never allowed.
I’ll have to admit, seeing her from this body, she looks much nicer…

Don’t give me that look

“You were the one that bought those tickets to exchange island!
You thought we’d end up in a young couple body and we did. What’s the matter with being a girl? I always loved being one and you seem to be enjoying it too.
It’s actually ironic, but it’s not my fault, that you always complained about using condoms, now you’re in a body that’s allergic to them! How’s that raw dick feeling treating you?
I’ll have to admit that the thought of you impregnating me always turned me on, even if it scared me, so I hope you’re feeling it too. Judging by your silence you must be enjoying this feeling of humiliation, of being my little slut, right?”
“…yes…please…don’t stop”
“Oh I won’t baby…here it comes…HNG…now…that you’re full of cum it’s a good time to tell you: if you get pregnant in that body you’ll have to keep it until the baby arrives…so you don’t have to worry…I won’t stop fucking you for the next 9 months”
“WHAAAAAAHHHHNNN…” He said, cumming from the idea of being a woman for nine months.

Look at him

Look at him enjoying himself…ever since my husband messed with one of his students, her mother turned him into a teenage girl. But she gave me the option of having some changes to myself, and I decided to ask her to turn me into a boy in my husband’s class.
I loved seeing him all shy, hating his new body, trying to get away but being unable to resist me.
Now he’s acting like a teenager in love, he doesn’t even know it’s his wife in a boy body seducing him.
I’ll wait, as soon as he cums I’ll pump him full of semen and whisper in his ear “you make a better girl than a man hubby, you’ll make a great mother”

Married for life

Oh no sir, don’t give me that!
When you wished for me to have bigger tits than all your exes you looked all happy and let me have my wish.
You got me nervous and instead of asking for the genie to give you a bigger dick than all of my exes, I asked for one for myself. This is all your fault!
So take some responsibility hubby.
What will you do? Will you suck it? Bend over? Oh you won’t?
Ok genie, I’ll use the last wish, give him a pussy tighter than all of his exes!
Now come here hubby, let me put this inside you, you’ll need to get stretched to take it all…

New Family

– What do you mean you don’t care?! I’m your daughter’s boyfriend! Your wife masturbated thinking about me and now I’m in her body! Don’t you care she’s upstairs doing all of those things you didn’t want me to do, to your daughter? In my body??
– Lena will take good care of Britney, much better than you did anyway. It’s not her fault your body is so horny, and clearly she still loves our daughter.
– You’re insane! And you want to fuck me?
– Well that’s the best part. After acting like such a big shot, I could hear you fucking Britney and all the demeaning things you made her do to you. Now you’ll do all of that to me, otherwise we’ll say you were the one masturbating to my wife and Britney will never talk to you or want to see you again. Is that what you want?
– I can’t believe this!
– Well you seemed to be already at home masturbating in Lena’s body…
– I’m not! I was just trying to reverse this!
– I’ll help you with that Billy. You loved pussy so much, you’re going to love it much more now that you have one. *Unzips*
– What are you doing? YOUR DICK IS HUGE!
– Oh yeah. And Lena’s body is used to deepthroating it, so get on your knees for me.
– I can’t beli-hmmmph! Hmmphm! Read more

thanks bro

Thanks brother! My crush Natalie said I’m cute but that she NEEDS a man in bed, so I exchanged our bodies from the head down. I’m serious! Recognize these abs? This boxers? Want me to keep going down? Ha!
Anyway, thanks for the big loan, I didn’t know my little brother was packing so much!
Well I don’t care what you do, lucky you I had small tits so you should find a way to hide your new body just fine. Oh I did get your underwear though! I’ll be needing the support, if you know what I mean. Enjoy my panties!
What? You wanted to wear boxers along with your new lacy bras?
Now if you excuse me, I have to show my new girlfriend my new friend.
Don’t make that face! That way you do look like a girl.
I’ll make you a deal: I’ll film her sucking my new cock and let you see it later, alright?

Work swap

Daryl and Hannah wanted to try sex in other people’s bodies, so they agreed to swap with work friends of theirs. Since no men wanted to be Daryl, he ended up swapping with a coworker of his, named Judy.
So Hannah went after somebody at her office who wanted to swap. Nobody did, until Michael came over to talk. Michael was a big shy guy, and Hannah never understood that. He claimed that it was hard for him to get a girlfriend, but didn’t specify, so she imagined he had a small penis.
Daryl was happy to hear this, if he was to be fucked as a lady, at least it would be by a dick smaller than his.
Imagine the look on his cute new face when Hannah came home and undressed to show him the real reason Michael couldn’t get a girlfriend.
His dick was too big!
And now Daryl would have to take it all.


– I don’t know baby maybe we could go a little slower and-ah!
– To hell with that! You always ate my pussy until I gave in and fucked you, now it’s your turn to experience that! I’m not letting you go until you orgasm or ask me to fuck you! I’ll show you how I like my pussy eaten!


That’s right big brother. Now you’re my younger sister and we are the only ones who remember you being a male. Everyone else thinks you were always cute little Emily.
Oh your friend Bret is bothering you now? He does that when he likes a girl. Remember, you told me that yourself when he was trying to get into my friend’s panties.
That’s why I changed you, so you could deal with that.
Oh, you don’t know what Bret wanted from Sarah? *gestures*
You better get him off her case if you ever want to turn back into a guy.
What? Didn’t you say all the girls LIKED him having a big prick?
Well, you can enjoy that for yourself now.

Done over

Ted here was done over by his wife. They went to a body swap spa, to spend a week as other people. His wife Sarah wanted to have lesbian sex, but Ted insisted on having a dick so he could fuck her, and decided to swap bodies with a shemale at the last minute.
Sarah noticed him changing his forms. What he didn’t notice was her changing hers too.
Now Sarah is in a man’s body and Ted has to suck her if he doesn’t want her to bang his ass dry.
Not that he could complain, his new cock couldn’t get hard up until he started sucking on hers.
Another happy couple.